Topic: Discussion

On a Discussion Sunday, there will be tables set up to discuss the previous week’s topics. You can choose which ti participate in.

Discussion Sunday

Worth, Dignity, Compassion for Everyone. Really? Jeff Tate facilitates discussion to follow-up his talk October 2. Syrian Refugee Crisis: Weighing the Needs of Others with Fear of the Unknown
Julie Jensen, Facilitator. Questions to Ponder.  Ellen Tate, Facilitator. Directed discussion for those not in earlier groups. See September 25 … read more.

Directed Discussion in Small Groups

Directed Discussion in small groups.

We hope you’ll ponder these questions and come to share your responses;

What brought you to UUBC?
What keeps you here?
Where is the energy or “buzz” in our congregation?
What difference does our congregation make in the world?
What are our dreams? What is keeping … read more.

Leadership Conference Experiences

Suzanne Miltich and Ellen Tate, who recently returned from Little Rock where they attended the five-day Dwight Brown Leadership Experience (DBLE), one of three annual leadership coaching experiences hosted by The Southern Region of the Unitarian Universalist Association, will share what they learned.

Discussion Sunday

Discussion of the video of talk given at the recent Unitarian Universalist General Assembly meeting by Rev. William Barber II, leader of Moral Mondays.