Mission of Sunday School

The UUBC Sunday school program is committed to providing a safe, nurturing environment for children.

Activity Plans: The Unitarian Universalist adaptation of Jerome Berryman’s “Godly Play” is the primary resource and is revised to be consistent with UU principles. The title of the program is ‘Spirit Play’.  The curriculum materials are highlighted in the website below.


UUBC uses the Montessori approach and Berryman’s morning as the worship approach for the structure of the morning.  As in Montessori, the key elements are the classroom environment and the teachers. These elements free the children to work at their own pace on their own issues after an initial lesson.

Ages:  The Sunday school program is available for children through age 15.

Allergies:  Food Allergies – Since we often provide snacks, all parents are asked to write down any food allergies at drop off. Environmental Allergies – Since we are unable to dispense allergy medications we ask that parents dispense medications prior to drop off. Medications are to remain with the parent and not be left in the Sunday school room.

Child Check in:  As parents check their child into the Sunday school room they will be asked to sign their child in using the sign in/sign out sheet, complete an information form for their child, and supply their cellular phone number. The staff will ask the parent to turn the phone on vibrate during the service in the case of an emergency. It should be noted that parents are not to leave the building while the child is in the Sunday school room.

Child Check out:  Parents or the child’s sibling (6th grade or up) are able to pick up a child in the Sunday school room, and will sign the child out using the designated sign in/sign out sheet.