Anyone can attend, anytime, for as long as you want. However, UUBC has established three requirements to be a voting member:

1. Participate in a UU Orientation

2. Contribute Financially

3. Attend more than 25 percent of Sunday Services UUBC. (One can be a non-voting member by satisfying Nos. 1 and 2.)

The first UU Orientation was a two part program on the 3rd Sundays in May and June (2014).

  •        The May program (Phase 1) included a UU video that provides information about the denomination.
  •        The June Program (Phase 2) included a talk by Jeff Tate about the history of UUBC.

Options have been established for both UU Orientation programs for prospective members to qualify for membership by completing Phase I, Phase II and Phase III below and submitting the Membership Orientation Form.

Phase 1 Membership Qualification:  View on-line videos.
Phase II  Membership Qualification: View the YouTube video

Phase III Membership Qualification:

Review UUBC Covenant

Finally click on the link below, print and complete the form and submit it to the board by inserting it into the offering basket at a meeting.

Membership Orientation Completion Form