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UU The Vote – Get Out the Vote

With gratitude to those who donated to help Florida’s 1.4 million residents, felons released from prison who must pay their fees and fines to vote.  You’ll find on NPR’s website the story of Desmond Meade, who worked to pass the 2018 ballot initiative that allowed … read more.

UUBC Needs You. Help UUBC Go Forward.

Sunday services were halted early in the ‘pandemic days’, leaving UUBC members and friends without the common activity that brought us together each week. After a break of more than four months, we began Zoom services in August on the 2nd and 4th Sundays. Services … read more.

Food for the Spirit

Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year, or Day of Remembrance, began at sundown Friday. Rabbis looking for messages of inspiration looked to the Jewish archives in Cincinnati, OH, and sermons dating to the 1918 flu pandemic. These words from Rabbi Ferdinand Hirsch seem particularly meaningful … read more.

Benediction for September 11

By Gregory Jones

On this hallowed day,
We remember.
We remember those who are no longer present with us here,
but who remain forever present in our hearts
and who live on in our memories.
We embrace.
We embrace those whose sorrow is unmeasurable;
We have no cure for sorrow,
only the comforting love … read more.

Photos Wanted

Do you have photos of people, place, and things dealing with UUBC? If so, we want them! Some will be added to the front page photo slider, others in a new gallery feature we hope to introduce soon. Send photos (along with a description of … read more.