The first meeting was held on January 25, 2009 with 24 in attendance, and attendance has grown since then, averaging about 60 adults and about 10 children–and growing!

Imagine UUBC in 5 or 10 years:

    • Full-time professional UU minister, carefully selected for education, speaking abilities, and for inspiring leadership toward being all that we can become
    • Choir presenting uplifting music and songs every week
    • Children’s Sunday school teaching the UU Seven Principles; and teaching the world’s religions, not as dogma but as human creations; teaching the fundamentals of the Enlightenment values and compassionate relationships
    • Adult Sunday school teaching the world’s wisdom literature, the sciences, and philosophy as they apply to our growing toward our full capabilities and growing unendingly toward mental maturity
    • Social outreach projects in our local society, where we enact our UU Seven Principles
    • Lectures and presentations open to everyone in our society introducing them to UU, teaching them non-dogmatic spirituality, teaching them the wisdom of the Bible and of Christianity with non-literal interpretations, and revealing to them the universal and highest value of love and compassion.